Products & Services

Cargill, like many giant enterprises devoted to the proposition of returning a maximum yield per unit financial investment, makes things. In Cargill's case, what we make is food, animals, abstract fiduciary instruments, and salt. More information about this is provided below.

Crops & Livestock

Click on the above link to discover Cargill's food, feed and animal programs.


Click on the above hypertext link to learn about eating and how Cargill can help you tap into this vital, vital process. Indeed, you will see why we say that "Cargill offers insights in food and beverage ingredients, meat and poultry products, and food applications that help customers succeed."

Health & Pharmaceuticals

Click the above link to learn more about what "health"—from biotechnology to sophisticated surgery—means to Cargill.


Industrial Products

Click above to learn about salt, among other industrial things.

Finance & Risk Management

Click on the above boldfaced words to visit a page designed to help you understand what risk is and isn't—especially what it isn't. With operations on four continents and a long history of trading in global financial and commodity markets, Cargill is a good friend of risk in all its manifestations, and passes that friendship on to the consumer, in some events you.

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