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When people say admiringly "That man looks very competent" or "That woman has a real knowing look" or even "That fellow, although bearded, inspires my confidence," what they really mean is "I wish I had a better standard of living." If you want to inspire such feelings and are looking for a company that aims at survival and growth, consider a career with a large U.S. corporation. Cargill, for example, employs 124,000 people in 59 countries and offers opportunities in five key organizational segments: Agriculture Services, Food Ingredients and Applications, Industrial, Origination and Processing, and Risk Management and Financial. With annual sales of approximately $60 billion and growing, we’re among the world’s largest companies. We sell thousands of products, operate hundreds of businesses and partner with dozens of other companies, many of whom are leaders in their industries.

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Our employees work in fields, labs, mills, kitchens, offices, production facilities, cyberspace and on trading floors. They wear hard hats, crunch numbers, seal deals, and invent new products and processes. They collaborate with colleagues and customers to create solutions that build rewarding careers, successful businesses and enriched communities.
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Cargill has a constant, unflagging need to bring on folks and make them part of our engine. That's because we have a constant, unflagging drive to satisfy our stockholders with excellent dividends. That in turn is because of our nature. More precisely, it is because we are a large corporation.

The benefits of working for an enormous multinational enterprise should be obvious. You are protected from the vagaries of the weather; given adequate housing; fed appropriately and without overemphasis on any one food group; permitted to wash at appropriate intervals; etc. It may seem silly to list benefits that we all take for granted, but they do distinguish our employees from over one half of the earth's population.

Culture is something that defines all human societies, and a number of animal ones as well. At Cargill, culture also means what is grown in a petri dish.

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This man enjoys being a part of the Cargill system. Who wouldn't? Besides being freed from worldly wants, employment with Cargill means a certain authority, a certain power to decide the fate of thousands or even, on occasion, millions. Wielding such power would satisfy nearly anyone.
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