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Cargill Answers the Question: How Much Is Enough Cargill Staff

Some folks don't use money for everything. They grow their own food, they trade, and they sometimes live better than folks who use money more often. When more money is used, though, that counts as "development." One of the many ways Cargill is helping you partner with progress.

A Grave Historical Mishap Cargill Staff

In the Irish Potato Famine, when millions of Irish died of starvation, food firms continued exporting from Ireland to wealthier nations (mostly England). Because this was allowed to happen within broad view of everyone, the Famine can be counted as the largest PR disaster of the entire 1800s.

Cargill Considers Land To Be Our Principle Natural Resource Cargill Staff

Cargill addresses investment needs by boosting production. This results in more production, which means a number of different things for farmers and other people.

Cargill Delivers Solutions to the Tables of America's Hungry Cargill Staff

Do you have a need? Whether your field is biotechnology or advanced polymer fabrics, genetic engineering or effective distribution of age-old grainstuffs, Cargill can satisfy your need for Bigger, Stronger, and Easier to implement quickly.

Cargill Puts a Halt To Inefficient, Wasteful Endeavours Cargill Staff

Cargill is not only about "upwards and onwards." Cargill is also against measures that slow down progress. Thanks to Cargill, what you need keeps coming Big, Strong, and Easy™ (BSE).

Customers We Serve

Crops & Livestock

What is the answer to reduced cash flow, a nervous market, and a lack of nourishment options? It's a concept we call Nervyness™. Cargill pushes Third-World farmers to be Nervy™—to better weather the vagaries of today's challenging agribusiness environment.

Foodstuffs & Life

Food is important. Without food we perish. Food enables the skin to contain the innards, the innards to crank out their fluids, the body's life signs to pulse. Cargill collaborates with food marketers and others on benefitting from this mysterious, marvellous process.

Health & Pharmaceuticals

As you know, science is very interesting. What you may not know is that it is also the key to enormous profit. That is why Cargill works in collaboration with a wide variety of scientific and parascientific enterprises in order to make things better for all of us in the field of food commodities.

Industrial Products

Things need to be made. Then they need to be transported to people. Companies like Cargill have the wherewithal to make and transport things to people. Without modern industry, the earth could support about two billion people; the other four billion would have a tough time indeed. What do you think of that?

Financials & Risk Management

Today's food markets can fluctuate wildly, forcing millions of Third-World farmers (and ex-farmers) to think very fast! What can we do to help them to think even faster? With operations on four continents and a long history of trading in global financial and commodity markets, Cargill is well positioned to benefit from market fluctuations, and to provide investment opportunities to those fast-thinking farmers with no need for the slower, moneyless, community-oriented sustenance options of yesteryear.



With our meticulous knowledge of food production and consumption conditions within each and every country on earth, Cargill is well poised to make crucial decisions affecting all citizens.

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